Although it is not compulsory, but having medical insurance is a better option than being caught off-guard. You may have a lot to worry about, especially what the future holds, but there’s one thing that you could be assured of, which is, you will be taken care of in case there is a medical emergency.

Illnesses and accidents are unexpected. They come into your life uninvited. You can be better prepared and save yourself from having money problems due to the medical bills, if you have health insurance. Here are 3 major benefits of medical insurance to help you decide.

Top 3 Benefits of Health Insurance.

1. Paying a little now will help you save more in future.

That’s right. When you are paying a certain amount of premium for the medical insurance, you are actually saving more money just for medical emergencies. Doctor’s visits, ambulance fee, dental emergencies, physiotherapy, prescribed drugs for illnesses (cancer, diabetes, appendicitis etc.) and surgeries can amount to a large sum. Getting a medical insurance ensures that you will be able to pay at least half or certain portion of the expensive treatment.

2. Having a health insurance will save you a lot of time and inconvenience.

In the event you (or a family member) do fall ill or need surgery, the sooner you get the treatment the faster you recover. When you get sick, there is no time for you to go in search of cash to pay for medical bills. In such circumstances, being medically insured means that most of the expenses will be covered by the insurance, so the treatment you require will be granted much faster by the hospital. The insurance company would know about your doctor’s fee and medical expenses, and so, all the payments would be made in a swift manner (avoiding the dreaded hospital waiting lists). This way, you don’t need to make hurried calls to your friends and relatives to pitch-in in a desperate plea. 

3. Keep calm at hard times.

Being sick is bad enough without having to find ways and gather your resources to pay for the expensive medical care. All this can add to your grief unless you decide to get insured against physical and mental ailments. Since your medical insurance will help you pay the bills, after you show them the required medical reports and hospital bills, you can keep your wits about it. And not feel like a financial burden to your loved ones! So, get medical insurance for yourself and your loved ones, and avoid the stress of needing to pay for the high hospital bills.

Being medically insured means that you won’t have to be stressed about how you are going to pay for the hospital bills, in case you get sick or meet with an accident. Serious illnesses or major accidents requiring surgery, follow-up care and rehabilitation can be expensive and medical insurance helps you to cover half or certain amount of that cost.

It’s a fail-safe option because sometimes you either don’t want to be an inconvenience for others (who have a busy life) or you need to be there to take care of the person fallen ill. Having a helping hand in the form of health/ medical insurance is definitely a good idea!