Training Conducted on Cyber Security

Premier Insurance recently conducted internal training about the importance of cyber security and ways to prevent cyber attacks.

Acknowledging the importance of cyber security and threats of cyber risks prevailing on the internet, companies now should adopt strong cyber security in their systems.


Since all the operations of the company in the present era are dependent on the internet one way or another, we cannot imagine the smooth operation of the business functions with an interruption of the internet even for an hour.


Therefore, to mitigate the threats arising from the internet, implementing strong cyber security and its awareness must be relayed to the employees as well. Since employees who perform day-to-day activities are more prone to cyber threats, they are the ones who should be aware of it.


The training was conducted by the IT department of the company, and the topics covered during the training were as follows:

  1. Understanding what cyber security is
  2. Importance of cyber security
  3. Different types of cyber threats and viruses
  4. Risks to the organization
  5. Ways to tackle the cyber threats