“We are always at your service to settle your claim as early as possible. The only thing we need is your help and co-operation. It is a good practice to carefully read all the terms and conditions of the policy and understand the policy coverage so that there is no misunderstanding in the process and settlement of claims.”


As soon as a claim occurs, be sure to inform us verbally immediately followed by a written intimation. After receiving your intimation of the claim, we will be deputing a Surveyor for the Survey formalities. The Surveyor might/will ask for the following documents:

  1. Claim Form duly completed (provided by the Company)
  2. Estimate/Quotation of loss/damage (at least two) and a cash memo with formal VAT paid details, if any
  3. A valid copy of Driving License and Registration Book
  4. A valid copy of Fitness Certificate, Route Permit (in case of commercial vehicle)
  5. A valid copy of Passenger Challan/Load Challan (in case of commercial vehicle)
  6. Police Report in original
  7. Court Decision / CDO office’s decision if any Third Party involved, if you have to compensate Third Party
  8. Complete hospital papers in case of Third Party injury
  9. Payment receipt in case of Third Party Property loss/damage/injury/death
  10. A copy of your formal claim to other party who is at a fault for causing damage to your vehicle

To enable us to settle your claim expeditiously and to your satisfaction, please make sure that the above documents are submitted to us, in the absence of which the claim process may be delayed. After the complete documents are received by the Surveyor he will be submitting us his reports based on the information and documents provided by you. We will then study the reports and decide on the claim complying with the relevant condition of the Policy in every respect. If any further document and information is required from your side, we may be contacting you again.

The Company would not be liable for theft and or damage of accessories like cassette player, meter (in case of taxi) if not specially mentioned in the Proposal Form for insurance coverage with a separate Sum Insured.


  1. The damaged vehicle is not repaired unless inspected by the surveyor deputed by us. Otherwise it will be difficult to ascertain the damage.
  2. In case of loss to Third Party , report to police and a copy of the same is made available to us. Kindly also note that no offer/ compromise be made to such Third Party and if any letter is received in this regard the same may be sent to us for advising you for course of action to be taken. Make sure to lodge a formal claim to other negligent owner who causes damage to your vehicle.
  3. Dismantled parts are kept in a safe way in order to prevent from theft for your interest(in such case, insurance company will not be liable).
  4. The salvage items of the parts are preserved till the claim is finally settled (we may be asking you to surrender such salvage items). But in most of the cases surveyor shall suggest a monetary value and adjust such amount in claim assessment.
  5. Understand properly the assessment of claim prepared by surveyor.
  6. Always ensure that your insurance coverage represent full market value to avoid any under insurance.
  7. Please note indemnity method is as per insurance Policy.

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