“We are always at your service to settle your claim as early as possible. The only thing we need is your help and co-operation. It is a good practice to carefully read all the terms and conditions of the policy and understand the policy coverage so that there is no misunderstanding in the process and settlement of claims.”


As soon as a claim occurs, be sure to inform us verbally immediately followed by a written intimation. You can then depute a Surveyor as named in the Policy for the Survey formalities with an information to us. The Surveyor might/will ask for the following documents depending upon the case:

  1. Claim Form duly completed (provided by the Company)
  2. A copy of claim lodged on Railway/Road Carriers/Steamer Agent/Port Trust along with correspondence exchanged with them and also A/D card received from these parties.
  3. Signed copy of Final Invoice and Packing List
  4. A copy of Bill of Lading/Airway Bill / Consignment note
  5. Custom Transit Declaration
  6. Policy in original/Marine Certificate duly discharged on the back
  7. Shortage/Damage/Non-Delivery certificate obtained from the Carriers/copy of the remarks . entered in Railways Note Book in original
  8. Letter of Subrogation
  9. Power of Attorney
  10. Port Landing Certificate in original
  11. Survey Report in Original
  12. Claim Bill with Vouchers if any, pending submission of the final bill, estimated of the loss

To enable us to settle your claim expeditiously and to your satisfaction, please make sure that the above documents are submitted to the Surveyor and  in the absence of which the claim process may be delayed. After the complete documents are received by the Surveyor he will be submitting his reports to you based on the information and documents provided. You can send us the original reports and  we will then study the reports and decide on the claim complying with the relevant conditions of the Policy in every respect. If any further document and information is required from your side, we may be contacting you again. Requirement of documents may vary according to the nature of loss and damage.

Please make sure to read the provisions mentioned in the backside of the insurance Policy reading “IMPORTANT ………  Procedure in events of loss/damage for which the company may be liable.”

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