Our Vision

To be the most trustworthy Insurance Company and a force to reckon with

Our Policy

We are committed to be a model of excellence to our customers and employees, treating them with dignity, honesty and respect and by continually improving in our insurance products and services.

Our Objective

  • To distinguish our products, service, and policies as exceptional in ways that the customer values.
  • To provide success oriented environment for employees.
  • To utilize the best technologies available and make maximum use of Information Technology(IT) to deliver quality solution that provide efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • To achieve highest Premium yields per employee.
  • To strengthen market in all commercial areas of Nepal.
  • To follow prudent practices to gain maximum trusts of leading international Re-insurers.

Management 2077 scaledGiven the expectations Premier’s customers have from it, it has become necessary for Premier to constantly deliver the goods. Which is why it emphasizes on serving its personnel better so that they serve its customers better. At the same time, in a business that deals with people, it is more important to respond more humanely. Consequently, highly motived staff with the latest technology to aid them results in speedy, efficient and prompt service. Evolving customer needs and risk has made insurance companies be open to newer ideas and adopt them. Companies need to be flexible by embracing the evolving insurance techniques and new technology. It’s an endeavor to survive through changing market dynamics has led it to become flexible in ways unimaginable before. As a result, Premier is in a position to provide custom-made service to its customers. In a business that thrives on the trust of its customers, both emotional and rational approach are keys to commercial success. With financial stability, unyielding integrity, liaisons with world-renowned insurers and reinsurers and consistent growth, Premier has largely succeeded in gaining customer trust. Aiming to deliver and remain steadfast in the most uncertain of times has further established the company’s image as a trustworthy and reliable partner. Risk management goes beyond just advising. It includes giving the right advice at the right time. Premier’s expertise, long experience and insight into risk management helps give its customers the right and appropriate advice. To make sure the advice is suitable, it employs experienced insurance analysts. It also draws from international experience of its insurance and reinsurance partners worldwide. This combined with innovative solutions and better risk management capabilities has boosted the customers’ confidence in the company. And made it a company to be reckoned with providing greater security to customers.