Board of Directors

Mr. Suresh Lal Shrestha scaled

Mr. Suresh Lal Shrestha
Appointment Date: 19.03.2077

Mr. Prabhu Krishna Shrestha scaled

Mr. Prabhu Krishna Shrestha
Appointment Date: 19.03.2077

Mr. Rajesh Lal Shrestha scaled

Mr. Rajesh Lal Shrestha
Appointment Date: 19.03.2077

Mr. Rajan Krishna Shrestha scaled

Mr. Rajan Krishna Shrestha
Appointment Date: 19.03.2077

Mr. Balram Shrestha scaled

Mr. Balram Shrestha
Appointment Date: 19.03.2077

Mr. Mahendra Bahadur Shrestha scaled

Mr. Mahendra Bahadur Shrestha
Appointment Date: 19.03.2077

Jasmine BOD

Mrs. Jasmine Hada Bajracharya
Independent Director
Appointment Date: 23.12.2077


Bishwo Timila
Mr. Bishwo Ram Timila

Chief Executive Officer
Appointment Date: 22.09.2076

Shadew Tiwari
Mr. Shadew Tiwari

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 4513543, Ext: 111
Appointment Date: 01.03.2052

Deependra Raj Gauram
Mr. Deependra Raj Gautam

Deputy General Manager
Phone: 4513543, Ext: 309
Appointment Date: 29.02.2051

Kabita Joshi
Ms. Kabita Joshi

Chief Operating Officer / Head – RI Department
Phone: 4513543, Ext: 122
Appointment Date: 29.03.2051

Rajesh Shrestha
Mr. Rajesh Pd. Shrestha

Head – IT Department
Phone: 4513543, Ext: 151
Appointment Date: 01.03.2051

Sarala Prasai
Ms. Sarala Prasai

Head – Underwriting Department
Phone: 4513543, Ext: 175
Appointment Date: 17.11.2051

Bharat Sunam
Mr. Bharat Sunam

Head – HR Department
Phone: 4513543, Ext: 137
Appointment Date: 27.11.2075

Rohini Karmacharya
Ms. Rohini Karmacharya

Head – Claim Department
Phone: 4513543, Ext: 141
Appointment Date: 01.01.2053

Padam Thapa
Mr. Padam Bdr. Thapa

Head – Accounts and Finance Department
Phone: 4513543, Ext: 159
Appointment Date: 01.04.2072

Arun Sapkota
Mr. Arun Sapkota

Head – Internal Control and Risk Management Department
Phone: 4513543, Ext: 123
Appointment Date: 01.23.2073