internal training thumbnail

Internal Training 2078


Training on AML & CFT 2078

Sales Training

Sales Training 2078

Re Insurance 2078

Re-Insurance Training 2078

Training on Loss Accessor

Loss Accessor Training 2078

Warming This Winter 2078 01

Warming This Winter – Phase II

In House Training 2078 01

In House Training 2078

Marketing Training 78 01

Marketing Training 2078

27th AGM 01

27th AGM


26th AGM

Online Agent Training Thumbnail

Online Agent Training 2077

Awareness Session on using digital technologies

Training on using Digital Technologies

Virtual Branch Training Thumbnail

Virtual Branch Training 2077

Claim Training Thumbnail

Claim Training

Communication and Motivation in times of COVID 2

Communication and Motivation in times of COVID

Virtual Branch Training Thumbnail

Training on Customer Centricity in COVID Times

Emotional Intelligence

Training on Emotional Intelligence

Food Distribution during COVID

Food Distribution Program during COVID

Futsal Tournament 2077

Futsal Tournament 2077

Health and Safety at Work Place pertaining COVID

Health and Safety at Workplace

Hospitality Approach in Insurance

Training on Hospitality Approach in Insurance

Positive Mindset for Leadership 1

Training on Positive Mindset for Leadership

Lighting up the lives thumbnail 1

Lighting up the Lives

Mask Distribution

Mask Distribution Program

Workplace Mental Health Orientation

Workplace Mental Health Orientation

Agent Training 10

Agent Training 2076

Career Session

Session on Career in Insurance Industry


25 Years 25 CSR


25th AGM

HOD Meet

HOD Meet

Nepal Intl Trade Fair

Nepal Int’l Trade Fair

20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary

Agent Training 2

Agent Training

19th AGM 1

19th AGM