CIP With Nepal Mediciti and Premier Insurance.

To bring awareness in the Nepalese people regarding Health Insurance, Nepal Mediciti Hospital and Premier Insurance Co. (Nepal) Ltd. is coming forward with the concept of Cashless Insurance Program-CIP. In this program people will be facilitated with the cashless facility in the co-payment basis of 90:10. Ninety Percent will be paid by the Premier Insurance and only Ten Percent will have to be paid by the insurer themself.

 With the concept of providing the health facility to overall Nepalese people, Nepal Mediciti and Premier Insurance is jointly coordinating and moving forward for a Cashless features in Health Sector. Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Mediciti Mr. Sudhakar Jayaram and Chief Executive Officer of Premier Insurance Mr. Sudyumna Prasad Upadhayaya have signed the MOU on Friday amidst a press release.

 The main objective of this agreement is to facilitate all the people of the country and to make health service in reach to the entire category through Insurance.

 Nepal Mediciti with seven hundred and fifty beds is an International Hospital, a reliable source in Health facility for all the Nepalese and the services of the Hospital can be acquired by all category of people. The hospital tends to focus on those who are willing to travel abroad for health check up and treatment. With their services and modern technology and latest equipment, Nepal Mediciti will be minimizing the number of patient who travel abroad for treatment.

 Hand on Hand Premier Insurance, a leading Insurance Company in Nepal, is jointly coordinating with the Hospital in providing the Cashless Insurance Policy to the people with minimum Premium as far as possible.

 From this coordination, we are ensuring for the prompt and systematic health facility and services from both the side to promote the health sector by serving the People and the Nation.